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GHANA3 Health Aid Youth Club,
Saboba, Ghana.
Proposed by Dr Bayju Thakar (son of Mrs Thakar, a member of OWG). He and a colleague spent 2 months working for Health Aid, Ghana, based in Saboba, a deprived area in N. Ghana, and while there set up the Youth Club with local teachers and senior students.
They trained a group of students on HIV, STD, family planning and sanitation. They implemented a programme whereby students would pass on their knowledge to other schools. They are in regular contact with the teacher who runs the project and plan to go back to Saboba next month. They are currently fund-raising for textbooks, stationary, bicycles (to reach outlying schools) cameras and T-shirts. 500 covered most of their costs last year.
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UGANDA3Agape of Hope, Kamulikwazi, Kasese, Uganda
At present they have NO funding and they send regular pleas for help. They have submitted a detailed budget for teaching aids, training of counsellors, training courses etc. We propose to send an initial grant as pump-priming which we may follow up if we get a satisfactory report of their achievements. 1,000 awarded.
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KENYA3 RUSH Project, Kakamega, Kenya. Proposed by Christine Lawrence on behalf of a friend, Liz Noble, who visits Kenya every year. Set up in 2001 by Lucy Amukowa in a slum area of Nairobi. She was a slum child herself so is well aware of what works. She and her husband have established a feeding programme and school for street children, workshops for destitute women and teenagers, football teams which are also used to promote AIDS’ awareness, a woodwork shop and a choir which won a nation-wide competition and was invited to perform for the President. They have been given 10 acres of land  to expand their activities and have built an orphanage. The project is run by volunteers, including teachers, who receive only basic allowances. They get some help from UK volunteers like Liz, who visit for short periods. Liz suggested a maize mill. She lives in Reigate and would love to come and talk to us.
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