cottonreelholder1The Tandridge Handicraft Society was founded eight years ago. Its aim is to encourage crafts in the area.  The membership consists of both experts and amateurs and provides inspiration and guidance for all to create both beautiful and practical things. Some of the crafts which  members are working on include patchwork, knitting, quilting , beading, tapestry (or canvas work), textile art, embroidery, appliqué, lace making and crochet.

The membership comprises all ages and the  society is keen to keep the crafts alive in the Tandridge District by  passing them down to younger members. It's a very lively and friendly  group.

Weekly meetings are held during the school year. They last three hours. There is always someone there to help anybody who becomes stuck on a problem or who wishes to learn a new skill.

Talks & Demonstrations. Monthly talks and demonstrations are given by experts in their fields. These are well attended by members and visitors.
Fee for visitors is £5 at the door which includes tea and biscuits.

Workshops. During the year, Saturday Workshops are held when members can learn new skills.

Society Outings. Each year an outing is organised to a place of interest and inspiration for  the members.

Projects. Often the Society organises a specific project for members who are interested to work on over days, weeks or months.

Where and When. The members meet every Monday from the beginning of September and the end of June between 1.30pm and 4.30pm at The Woodhouse Centre, opposite Tandridge Leisure Centre, Oxted.

Membership fee. Yearly membership fee is £43, which includes all talks and demonstrations. Visitors are invited at £5 per Monday session/talk. Please contact the Chairman for more details.

Chairman: 01883 714658 or
Jenny 01883 620730

Programme 2016-2017


Monday 19 September 2pm "A Medieval Fashion Show" with Kirsty Turnham of ThreadBear
Saturday 8 October 10-4 Workshop "Goldwork" led by Jenny Beal (book in advance)
Monday 17 October 2pm "Introduction to Tapestry Weaving" talk by Margaret Jones
Monday 21 November 2pm "Russian Christmas" talk by Pamela Smith


Monday 16 January 2017 2pm "Mixed Media Textile Art" talk by Katie Essam
Monday 27 February 2pm "Introduction to Glass" talk by Tayder Page
Saturday 4 March 10-4 Workshop "Printing for Quilting" led by Mary Gamester (book in advance)
Monday 27 March 2pm Mini-workshop "Altering Knitting Patterns" led by Monica Russel (book in advance)
Monday 10 April 2pm "Click and Stitch" talk by Linda Walsh
Monday 15 May 2pm "Twiddling and Fiddling with Texture" talk by Jennie Rayment